Mar 1, 2018

Gaming So Far: February 2018

February was a weird month, because I finally fell into the Fortnite craze in late January. The best part about it? There are no achievements in Fortnite Battle Royale, and yet it took up most of my time! Positive steps. Most of the month was devoted to that, but I did manage to play a few other games inbetween.

Feb 15, 2018

January Backlog Games - Mini Reviews

By turning a new leaf with my gaming habits, it's allowing me to play more than I have in a long time. In my last post, I gave a full rundown of what I played in January that you can find here. This post is meant to give some quick reviews on older titles that don't need the full treatment. There's already dozens of reviews out there for these, some now years old. I'll only write full reviews of newer games.

Good to Great:
Each character story is unique and memorable.
  • What Remains of Edith Finch - I cannot rave enough about this game. Walking simulators, as they've been defined, are a drag most of the time... but this game nails it. I guess it deserves a better genre description than others like it, so we'll go with the more proper "Narrative Adventure". An excellent story, with actual gameplay elements mixed in, makes this something everyone can and should play. It's based on short stories of different individuals from the Finch family tree. Each one is unique and almost all of them are powerful. There are great messages hidden in the game, and a sense of discovery and wonder lingers from beginning to end. Don't miss this one. - Score: 9/A-
  • NBA Playgrounds - Essentially it's a modern day NBA Jam, mixed with some features of newer sports games, like opening packs to get players. I had a ton of fun playing this, and didn't put it down for a couple days. I liked almost everything about it. The controls, or the actions themselves, don't feel as polished as they should. Blocking/rebounding feel off, but it's sort of irrelevant as you're sinking sick 3's and huge dunks. There's a few neat power ups you get as you hit shots, or play solid defense that spice it up a bit. Didn't get bored at all. - Score: 8/B-
  • Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax - Shoot Em Ups happen to be one of my favorite genres, even though I'm not great at them. This one was a bit of a turn off at first, with it being focused on mechs, and some emphasis on melee attacks. Once you get into the groove of the game, the mechanics come together as you unlock upgrades and start tackling tougher enemies/bosses. The melee focus even found it's way into my repertoire eventually. the couch co-op is a MUCH better experience than the solo game is, and I recommend it more if you have somebody to play with. - Score: 7.5/C+

Feb 1, 2018

Gaming So Far: January 2018

My gaming resolution heading into 2018 was to finally give up on my achievement obsession. Well, not specifically. It was more that I needed to stop limiting what I was playing based off of arbitrary numbers I had become obsessed with over the years. Needing to hit certain achievement totals and minestones were one thing, but the worst of it was my completion percentage. To clarify, mine isn't even great. It hovers just under 80% (this means I unlock roughly 80% of all achievements in all my games played on average), which I have been trying to get back to that number for the better of two years. It's importance to me has altered the way I play games to the point that I won't play a game that has a lot of achievements, out of fear it will lower my overall number. I stopped playing games that were more than 15-20 hours long, so I wouldn't feel overwhelmed trying to complete them with working full time. Hell, I even prevented myself from playing co-op games with my brother just in case we didn't have enough time for me to hit my numbers. It was killing gaming for me, slowly but surely. My gaming resolution was to stop this behavior.

I've always been someone that has played every game I could get my hands on, regardless of genre or reviews. I remember first getting a job at Gamestop, and checking out (merching) every single game I could back during the Gamecube and into the 360 days (for those that don't know, you're allowed to merch a game and play it for a couple days to build knowledge, and bring it back to check out a new one). I may have played the entire Gamecube catalogue by the time I was done. This continued early on in the 360 days as well. A couple years ago is when everything shifted, and I stopped playing games that seemed "risky" or not completable. I went strictly for completions for awhile. I'd spend endless hours getting the final achievements in games I didn't really like. my quality of life dipped significantly over it, and long story short - change was needed.

I closed out 2017 by hitting 500,000 Gamerscore. This was the milestone I was using as my "exit" from negative achievement hunting. January 2018 was the beginning of that, and it was met with both failure and success.

Jan 31, 2018

A New Beginning


It has been years since I wrote about video games. From trying to build my own brand with friends, to reviewing games for various websites, it was a significant passion of mine that I let fall to the wayside. I haven't written a proper review, or made a new post since 2013! Instead of archiving the posts that we're here, I reverted them all to drafts so I could start fresh. 

As my gaming habits have evolved, I think it's important to track them, and also continue to write about them constructively. I'm much older than when I pursued this before, so hopefully I can bring a bit more to the table now. I plan on blogging what I played each month, mini reviews of old titles, and reviews for new games as well. As someone who hates long, drawn out reviews, I plan on making them short and sweet to get to the point. Maybe getting back into the swing of things can kick off a new career! I may even try some video stuff eventually as well. 

If you find your way here... Thanks for reading!