Jan 31, 2018

A New Beginning


It has been years since I wrote about video games. From trying to build my own brand with friends, to reviewing games for various websites, it was a significant passion of mine that I let fall to the wayside. I haven't written a proper review, or made a new post since 2013! Instead of archiving the posts that we're here, I reverted them all to drafts so I could start fresh. 

As my gaming habits have evolved, I think it's important to track them, and also continue to write about them constructively. I'm much older than when I pursued this before, so hopefully I can bring a bit more to the table now. I plan on blogging what I played each month, mini reviews of old titles, and reviews for new games as well. As someone who hates long, drawn out reviews, I plan on making them short and sweet to get to the point. Maybe getting back into the swing of things can kick off a new career! I plan on working on video in the future, too.

The most exciting part is that my younger brother is now old enough to join me on this journey and will be contributing as well!

If you find your way here... Thanks for reading!

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