Jan 31, 2018

A New Beginning


It has been years since I wrote about video games. From trying to build my own brand with friends, to reviewing games for various websites, it was a significant passion of mine that I let fall to the wayside. I haven't written a proper review, or made a new post since 2013! Instead of archiving the posts that we're here, I reverted them all to drafts so I could start fresh. 

As my gaming habits have evolved, I think it's important to track them, and also continue to write about them constructively. I'm much older than when I pursued this before, so hopefully I can bring a bit more to the table now. I plan on blogging what I played each month, mini reviews of old titles, and reviews for new games as well. As someone who hates long, drawn out reviews, I plan on making them short and sweet to get to the point. Maybe getting back into the swing of things can kick off a new career! I may even try some video stuff eventually as well. 

If you find your way here... Thanks for reading!

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