Mar 15, 2018

February Backlog Games - Mini Reviews

My last post was a full rundown of what I played in February that you can find here. This post is the quick reviews on the older titles I played over the last month. I'm actually going to include both Quantic Pinball, and ACA NEOGEO Blazing Star in this (which released in February), because I don't think they need full reviews. I'll be writing a proper review for Mutant Football League.

Good to Great:

A return to form for the Call of Duty franchise.
  • Call of Duty: WWII - It's hard to call this a "backlog" game since it only came out in November, but I've given that title to anything that released prior to 2018. It probably deserves a proper review, but I'd prefer to attempt this! What a great campaign mode. After all the futuristic settings this series has been going through, I wasn't sure they'd ever recapture what made Call of Duty great... but they came pretty close with WWII. The campaign introduces some interesting characters, excellent level design, and some really cool set moments. It does fall into the "too many explosions that are scripted" category that have always featured in these games, but it's still a strong effort despite those. There's a lot of variety in the missions, and you truly feel like part of a squad throughout. I really enjoyed this on both regular and veteran difficulties. The multiplayer? A little bit more of the same, but on my good side now that there's no jetpacks and garbage like that ruining it. Hopefully they'll recapture the Modern Warfare/Black Ops magic eventually.   - Score: 8.5/B+
  • Dead Rising 4 (Capcom Heroes Mode) - This game was an absolute mess when it came out, and the last time I played it on my Xbox One S, it still was. With the (sort of) recent "Capcom Heroes" DLC, I decided to give it another shot on Xbox One X. I don't know if the patches have ironed out the issues, or it's the X, but wow is this a totally different game than what I played originally. "Capcom Heroes" has you replaying the story, but you unlock classic Capcom costumes along the way, all with their own set of abilities and challenges. Some are much more powerful than others, but for the most part I flipped through all of them and had a great time. I enjoyed the game from beginning to end, which I did not the first time around. I almost wish this add-on mode was integrated with the main game to make it a better experience. If you own an X, give this game a go. Get this DLC with it. Sure, you can't build all the cool combo weapons in this mode, but you CAN play as Dante or Mega Man X and wreck zombies. That's even better. - Score: 8/B-

Decent to Average:
Not the Pac-Man you remember.
  • Pac-Man 256 - Pretty decent "endless" Pac-Man game. It's at an isometric view, and the goal is to eat as many pellets as possible without breaking a chain, while also completing side objectives and leveling up power ups. The novelty wore off pretty quickly, but I had a good time going for some of the achievements. - Score: 6/C-
  • ACA NEOGEO Blazing Star - The ACA NEOGEO games are released weekly, and most of them aren't good, but I'm a sucker for a Shoot Em Up. I'd heard good things about this one, so decided to give it a go. It's a much better game than Pulstar. I weirdly like Alpha Mission II, but this is right up there. Some nice level design and neat gameplay mechanics. Learning the levels is integral to use your powered up shots for massive score. I'd recommend it to most anybody if they were willing to sit down and learn it. - Score: 6.5/C

Don't Bother:
This picture is not an accurate representation of this game.
  • Quantic Pinball - I enjoy Pinball. I also enjoy various pinball games that have released over the years. With confidence, I can say that this isn't one of them. This game is borderline horrible. It isn't unplayable, so I can't give it an F, but in no way is it a good, or fun game. There are 6 tables, all of which feel exactly the same. There are some little mini games thrown in for hitting the ball into certain areas, but they are a nuisance at best. The "bonus" table just has you seeing how many waves of space invader enemies you can kill in a time limit, with each new round resetting the clock. At least it had some easy Gamerscore. - Score: 4/D-

I didn't play much in February (thanks Fortnite), but I did sink extra time into the games I did choose. I have a feeling March will be a mix on Jan./Feb., and I'm super pumped to play Far Cry 5. I may even grab Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered, but I plan on doing a full Assassin's Creed month coming up since I've missed a couple here and there.

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