Apr 15, 2018

March Backlog Games - Mini Reviews

My last post was a full rundown of what I played in March that you can find here. This post is the quick reviews on the older titles I played over the last month. I've included Tesla Vs Lovecraft here, even though it released in March. Just not worth writing a full review for.

Good to Great:
Don't miss this one.
  • Rime - Sometimes you play the right game at the right time, and it has a bigger impact than it may have if you played it before or after. For whatever reason, Rime really hit home for me and I enjoyed every second I spent with it. It's a beautiful adventure puzzle game that should be played by everyone. Each level represents one of the five stages of grief, and are unique and memorable in their own way. I don't want to spoil any of it, so dive in if you have the chance. You won't regret it. - Score: 8/B
  • Uncharted: Lost Legacy - Here's a confession: I've never really played an Uncharted game. I played the first one for about an hour on someone else's PS3 when it first came out, and then my roommate a few years back played 3 and I watched some of it. Now owning a PS4 that came with Uncharted 4, it made sense to me to jump into the series with this spin off to it (lol). I will admit the story didn't do a whole lot for me and felt extremely Tomb Raider-ish, but is wowed me visually. From what I've played/seen, I never really liked Nathan Drake, so I was happy to play through as Chloe, and thought the balance of platforming/action was spot on until later in the game. Nothing about it necessarily felt new or different, but it's absolutely worth playing and I highly recommend it. - Score: 8.5/B+

Decent to Average:
Recapturing the 3D platforming era.
  • Super Lucky's Tale - 3D Platformers featuring a new mascot used to be the go to games for people of all ages, and Super Lucky's Tale tries to recapture that with the new generation of gamers. It's obviously catered to the younger crowd, as you won't find much difficulty here. However, collecting all of the medals in each level was still fun. It never gets stale, and constantly changes and evolves in each world. There are 2D levels, runner levels, statue puzzles, and cool little mini games scattered throughout. It even has some decent boss fights. I'd recommend it to people of all ages. - Score: 7.5/C+
  • Anode - Puzzle games are a dime a dozen, and it's hard to find one that stands out from the others. This one here is a hidden gem and will steal a few hours of your life. It's matching colors like you're used to, but you only clear pieces by matching it with a detonator piece of the same color. Really well done with a nice variety of modes.  - Score: 7/C
  • Deadlight - Originally released on Xbox 360, Deadlight is a side-scrolling platform/action game in a post-apocalyptic setting. I remember liking this a lot more back when it came out. The controls are clunky, the voice acting is bad, the main character is unlikable, and the new mode is not worth playing. I still think the game itself has decent value for what it is, but it has not aged well. - Score: 6.5/C-
  • The Bug Butcher - A fun little arcade shoot 'em up where you go through labs and do your best to save the scientists within by killing each wave of aliens as they come at you. Nothing ground breaking, but fun to go for the three stars on each level while hitting the combo target. There's a nice variety of upgrades and weapons as well. Doesn't overstay its welcome either. - Score: 6.5/C-
  • Tesla Vs Lovecraft - A top down, twin stick shooter where the name tells you about the entire plot. It has a decent mechanic where you collect pieces to build a mech throughout the level, which gives you more firepower to take out all of the enemies. Everything else is what you'd expect from this genre, and it's fun enough for a couple hours. Unfortunately, the game wants you to play through it three times to complete it - one is more than enough. - Score: 6/C-

Don't Bother:
Not much of an adventure.
  • 8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume 1) - There is nothing wrong with this collection of adventure games, but they will only cater to a select group of people - mostly those who played them growing up. They're obscure nowadays and a bit annoying to play. I didn't hate my time with them per se, but considering I hadn't played them until now, it isn't something I personally enjoy. - Score: 5/D
  • Rememoried - I've said before that "Walking Simulators" really don't bring much to the table most of the time, and this would fall into that category. It has excellent music, which is the only reason I would recommend it, outside of the extremely easy Gamerscore. Good music and 1000G in 30 minutes isn't so bad. - Score: 3/F

I played way too much in March due to an issue with work, so I had some extra free time to kill. It really helped clean out my backlog, which I hope to do more of in April. After Far Cry 5, There isn't a whole lot releasing until the new God of War. That should leave me plenty of time to knock out a couple of other games from my backlog!

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